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Building Inner and Upper Chest Size

Re: Building Inner and Upper Chest Size

Posted by: Pat (pjblouin@earthlink.net)

First off YES you are over doing your chest. You are overtraining which leads to to much muscle breaking down and no recovery time. Try going to one day a week, infact you should only work every body part one day a week. Inadvertantly you work some secondary muscles twice in the process but not directly. Only do about 4-5 excersises for chest there in no need for more. For upper and inner chest i would recomend: Incline dumbell presses (4x8), low incline flies (3x10), low cable pulls to middle (3x8), cable crossovers (3x8-10), and butterflies (3x8). this will hit all major areas of the chest. But remember to change up your workout once in a while to stimulate growth. Also keep up on your supplement intake and protein intake.

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