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High Volume Training
vs High Intensity Training

Posted by: James

I got two more workout partners. This is interesting, they were using high volume training and after three weeks they couldn't gain anymore. So just to see if I was right I told them to add some more sets. They did and couldn't get their body weight past 190lbs. I had them stop training for a week. I put them on Mike Mentzer's high intensity training routine and guess what? Their body weight went two pounds in the first week. I now have four guy's training with me. These two new guys are now believers. I myself now have gotten my arms up to a solid 16 inches on the routine we are doing. Just to let you know the form we are using is 4 seconds up, 3 seconds hold and 4 seconds down, very hard when the weights get heavy. My arms are still sore as I write this.

Mike Mentzer Workout

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