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Superslow Training, The Best Way To Train

Posted by: Bailey

I do not understand why people cannot see superslow for what it is, the best training protocol available. It provides the safest, most efficient strength gains one could ever hope to achieve, in the shortest amount of time. It is intense, but what is excercise suppossed to be, a walk through the park. Exercise should prevent injury, not cause it. All the other training methods use acceleration, force and momentum to work the targeted muscular area. Does'nt this seem out of line to most people. Other training methods do allow for results and gains, but at what cost. Don't you care about injury or your time. If you are spending more than a 1/2 hour two times a week trying to put on additional muscle you are doing one of two things. Socializing at the gym, or not training intensely enough. It's your choice, I'd be interested in anyones thoughts

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