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Mass Building Exercises

Posted by: Allan Vaillancourt

I would like to share a method of training that has really paid off for me. I was having trouble building mass. I then decided to stick with the hardcore exercises for each muscle group.

For delts, I would only do military presses, no laterals.

For chest, only flat-bench bench presses.

For biceps, only barbel curls.

For back, only bentover barbell rows.

For triceps,dips and extensions.

For legs, squats.

For traps, barbell shrugs.

For each exercise, I would choose a weight where I manage only 8 reps to failure. Every night, 31 sets per hour (every 2 minutes, a new set). In 3 months of using this method,I gained 20 pounds of mass, my arms and back exploded to new gains. It's a hardcore way of doing things, but it worked for me.

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