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How To Build Muscle Without Steroids

Posted by: shivdutt (shiv842002@yahoo.co.in)

i am a bodybuilder from india and i am workingout from last 3 years and gained 25kgs i am 6ft tall and weigh around 74kg in contest shape i want to get bigger. please help me. tell me how can i gain more muscels without steroids and how can i do it fast.

Re: How To Build Muscle Without Steroids

Posted by: Trapzilla (brian@kolorgraphics.com)

You need to get around 2 grams of protein per lb of bodyweight. I had a hard time gaining at your age also. You will need to eat 6-7 meals per day. Make sure you have some type of snack in between lunch and practice. You can email me if you want to chat. I started training @ 15 yrs old. I was 119 lbs @ 5'10" and I am now 242lbs, 5'10" with 11% bf. Also, you have to train your butt off and don't blow it.

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