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Dan Duchaine's Body Contract Training

Posted by: Kevin

Well I am sitting here after a year of tranning trying to find a new workout. The first year of my trainning has brought fustration and some good gains. But i need to get stronger because some of my exercise wieghts i do not want to wish to comment on. I have a old issue of muscle media in front of me on duchaine's workout. It consits of doing 3 warmup sets, then a set of 12 reps with 70% of your max, then rest 3 three minute and do another 12 reps with the same wieght followed by 3 negative reps. You only do the warmups for the first exercise of a bodypart. Then you can do just 12+3 for 3 sets for all other exercises for that bodypart. What do you guys think body contract. Has anybody tried this workout?

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