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Try This Get Big Legs Workout

Posted by: Bone

I am tall (6'4") with proportionately longer torso than legs compared to average proportions. Plus, I had a back operation about 10 years ago, so I always felt the benefits of squats were out of the question for me. I assembled and tried this very hard w/out. It was astounding! It put close to an inch on my quads in TWO workouts, and talk about a pump - I wasn't sure I had enough blood!!! Since there's been several questions about leg w/o's I thought I'd share this and if you try it or a variation., and it wroks, let us know!!

All exercises are done with 2 seconds positive, 4 seconds negative, with a 2 second "squeeze" or contraction on isolation exercises.

"Positive Failure" is defined as 20-30 seconds on non-stop effort failing to complete the positive move, therefore markingthe start of any assistance to complete the rep. Squats are an exception, 5 seconds only.

Leg Press - one set, 8-12 reps. At positive failure, push on the legs just below the knees to complete the rep (I call this the "AJ maneuver"). Do three very controlled forced reps. IMMEDIATELY go to

Leg extension - one set, 8-12 reps. at positive failure, have your spotter help with raising the weight. Be sure to contract hard at the top. Do three very controlled foreced reps. IMMEDIATELY go (crawl) to

Squats - one set, 8-12 reps. You will be using an embarrasingly low weight; in fact, if you sufficiently fry your legs on the first two, you'll be using just the bar. Let them laugh while you grow. You can use your spotter to assits, but on this one do it when you can't fail for 5 seconds; you run the risk of back injury if you follow 20-30. IMMEDIATELY go (drag yourself) to

Leg Curl - one set, 8-12 reps, do no more than three forced reps at positive failure. (Actually, at this point in my case, my quads were so pumped and swollen it hurts to do these, so I spend a couple minutes on my back with my legs in the air, massaging my legs downward to my heart to releive the pressure.) IMMEDIATELY go to

Standing Calves - one set, 8-12 reps, do no more than three forced reps at failure. I have the right genentics for calves so unlike other muscle groups they grow REAL easy; others may find they need to rest a bit and do standing and sitting pairs.

Good luck.

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