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What Are Donkey Calf Raises

Posted by: Paul

Can anyone explain what a donkey raise for calf excercise. I do sitting and standing now. How do you do a donkey raise?

I'm new and don't mean to sound stupid but really new help in the calf dept.

Thank you,


Re: What Are Donkey Calf Raises

Posted by: Jim

Donkey calf raises is an old school method for increasing strength and mass in the overall calf region. Arnold made tremendous gains with this exercise in the early 70s. This exercise is performed by on having 1,2, or even 3 partners sit on your back while your hands and head region are placed on a flat surface parallel to the floor. You then just perform a regular calf raise. As you fatigue a partner can jump off until your down to no partners. This exercise creates a tremendous "burn".

Re: What Are Donkey Calf Raises

Posted by: ROLEX

Stand on something high enuf to allow a good strech in the calf, Bend over at the waist and let some heavy guy/girl sit in your hips, than start calf raises the way you'r used to. Because you bend at the hips this streches the hams, witch in there turn streches the gastroc. part of the calf, so this is a strech POF, you can substitude it with calf press on a leg press, wher you'r also bend at the hips.

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