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Serratus Anterior Exercises

Posted by: ROLEX

I've been using laterals and pull down as main serratus builders, but I'm looking for some other exercises to pop the serratus out more.

Any suggestions ?

Re: Serratus Anterior Exercises

Posted by: Brute

Standing military presses; if you cheat a little at the end of the set, your serratus will get a good workout! Good luck and have fun!

Re: Serratus Anterior Exercises

Posted by: Edward

I found this one by accident. Do sidebends, only don't bend at the waist, bend at the middle of your spine. So your waist isn't moving that much, but your shoulders and the rest of your upper body are.

I'm super-inflexible, especially my lower back, so this may only work for me.

Re: Serratus Anterior Exercises


Sit in a lat pulldown machine (facing it)use the triangle bomber handle. with one hand grab the handle place elbow against head and "crunch" down to the front/side. also pullovers with a dumbell are great too!! good luck!!!

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