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How To Peak Biceps

Posted by: KINGFISH

Hello to everyone....lots of good stuff here. I need some help. I have worked for Y-E-A-R-S building this natural body and have good size but need a few key things...like PEAK to my biceps...my guns are pushing 20 but can't get that peak. Any suggestions ?

Re: How To Peak Biceps

Posted by: Pasha

Am not an expert , don't read any training "mags" and can only tell you what has worked for me as a "natural" amateur. I have never done normal standing or hammer curls. Nevertheless, at 5'9" , 161 lbs, 6% body fat, am ripped to shreads and have 17.5" peaked, extremely vascualr bi's that are envied by everyone here and one reason I'm being pressured to compete for first time. I made these exercises up by playing with "angles" and cannot tell you if they will work for you. Perhaps someone else can post a follow up to explain the physiology.

1. Instead of doing a "normal" standing bar curl (which inevitably leads to using the back ), I stand with knees relaxed , one foot forward ( appx 2' ). LEAN OVER. Your eyes should be even with front of your toes. Raise arms and extend out to where bar is being held out beyond front of toes. There should be only a sligh bend at elbow. This is the starting position. While keeping balance and LEANING FORWARD ,SLOWLY raise bar up to CHIN . Hold and contract at CHIN. Return to starting position. Do 3x15 . Repeat same with opposite foot forward.

2. Modified "preacher" curl. Using preacher bench, DO NOT sit when you curl. Instead place the arms in such fashion that pad is smack under the armpit. Chest hangs over pad slightly . You will have to literally "lay" into the bench with your feet on the ground fully extended out behind you . KEEP THE BUTT DOWN . Arms should NOT be completely in "down" position (this is a waste as it works forearms not bi's). With normal grip and arms bent at elbow raise bar to under chin. Hold , contract. 3x15-20 reps. This position makes it impossible to use the back and really burns the bi at it's "peak".....at least for me.

Let me know results . Comments from others welcome.

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