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Spot Reducing Abdomen Fat

Posted by: John Ireland

The Answer to the Myth: “Spot Reducing Abdomen Fat!”

Fat accumulates in areas not exercised properly. It is withdrawn from storage only when caloric demands dictate, and is generally withdrawn on a last-in-first-out basis. That is, when fat is needed for fuel, it is generally removed first from wherever it was most recently deposited, then from the area in which it was next most recently deposited, and so on. Exercising a given muscle area properly can stimulate the production of the enzymes which break down fat helping to eliminate intramuscular fat (fat within the muscle tissue). Kinesiology principles concerning conventional sit-ups and crunches state that 90% of these routines involve the back muscles and only 10% of the stomach / rectus abdominis. The latin root word: “rectus” is any of various straight muscles as of the abdomen, thigh, neck, and eye. This term is clearly presented in medical textbooks. “Rectus” muscles must be extended / straighten to be exercised properly 100 %.

Ab Extension Routines represent textbook information that is not being applied in the gymnasium industry. It’s my “rectus” conviction to introduce two Ab Extension Routines that primarily exercise the Rectus Abdominis muscle area. These routines have been endorsed by:

Jim Anderson, Trainer LOS ANGELES RAMS
George Anderson & Rod Martin, Trainers, LOS ANGELES RAIDERS
Bill Buhler, Head Trainer LOS ANGELES DODGERS
Gary Vitti, Trainer LOS ANGELES LAKERS
Pete Demers, Trainer LOS ANGELES KINGS
Ken Locker, Physical Trainer DALLAS COWBOYS
Scott Morrison, Trainer LOS ANGELES LAZERS
George H. Allen, Football Hall Fame Former Head Coach, LOS ANGELS RAMS & WASHINGTON REDSKINS and former


John Ireland, B.A. Physical Education 3605 Walnut Ave.
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 560-8918

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