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Raw vs. Cooked Food

Posted by: Jennifer

Hey, I've been reading Bodybuilding Nutrition and it has a big piece on how raw food is much better than cooked food for many different reasons (more nutrients, stimulates digestion, ect.). What do you guys think and if you practice this, what foods do you try raw and how do you incorporate this into you diet?

Re: Raw vs. Cooked Food

Posted by: Edwrad

I always try to get my veggies raw. That way I'm sure to get all the good stuff out of em. Although I think steaming them is not to destructive.

Raw fruit is a must. Especially since a lot of canned fruit has extra suger and who knows what else.

Hmmm... that leaves meat. Your call. Raw red meat has creatine in it, but it's like 2g per pound. Raw eggs have the amino acid l-glutimine in them. Both the creatine and the l-glutimine go away when you cook them.

I personally don't think it's worth the hassle and worry. If you want creatine, buy it in bulk. Same with l-glutimine. All the vitamines and other things you might gain from eating meat raw can be found elsewhere.

There's my two cents. Anybody got any raw steak stories?

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