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Teenage Bodybuilder Help

Posted by: Charles

I'm 14' 5'10" 130lbs. I need some advice on putting on size. all i have is 2 15-20lbs dumbbells [adjustable] . I have been lifting for 4 months. I need a routine,diet,etc. PLEASE HELP!!!

Re: Teenage Bodybuilder Help

Posted by: Jay

You need to gain access to a gym. You also need to research this sport alot instead of listening to what people on the internet tell you. I'm not saying they're not right, but it's not worth much if you don't understand why it works. Start with a program based on the basics. Squats, deadlifts, bent rows, bench press, calf raises, standing barbell curls, dips, close grip bench press, shrugs, military press. Start out slow. Orient yourself with the weights and movements. Get the form down perfectly, lift it, don't "move" it. Don't do all thos exercises on one day. You might want to split these up to one on and between 1 and five off. I know you don't think you'll get big like that, but that will ensure that you get enough time to rest. You don't grow in the gym. Understand that your body grows as a reaction to stress. Weight training puts more stress on your body than it can handle. Given proper nutrition and rest, your body over compensates for the overload by making your muscles stronger and bigger. That's a brief idea of how to start. Get a good book or ask your football coach or gym teacher at school. You can also come back to the web. You've picked a great sport.



I think all the exercises I listed can be performed with dumbbells. Now concentrate on feeling the muscles, not pushing big weight. I started out like you, so trust me on this one.

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