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Bill Goldberg Traps Workout

Posted by: Daren

Looking for the best way to add size below my ears. Wanting to get those Goldberg size traps without the steroid use. Usually work the shoulders with 80lb press dumbbells and 135-175 military press along with the standard front and side laterals. With shrugs I'll use either DB's of 115 or put 300 on a bar. Are there any other exercises that will blow up the traps?

Re: Bill Goldberg Traps Workout

Posted by: Keith

Get on an incline bench and lay face down with a barbell or dumbell then jsut do a regular shrug in that position, turn over to hit the front of the traps(might wanna start doing traps on back day and indirectly hit them with an upright row on shoulder day)

Re: Bill Goldberg Traps Workout

Posted by: NaturalGainer

I believe that to stimulate hypertrophy high reps are best on barbell shrugs, enhancing the contraction phase to the maximum, starting with 3 seconds. I understand that you are moving a significant weight yet... Better if you can use a shrug bar or similar. Supersetting with Upright Rows with an EZ Bar, using the 70% aprox. of your 10RM, you will experiment hypertrophy for a while....

Re: Bill Goldberg Traps Workout

Posted by: josh

Hi, my traps are my best bodyparts. iuse a heavy, low rep shrugs with the barbell. go as heavy as possible,with good form, for about 8 to 10 reps. for dumbells i do shrugs one arm at a time so that i can really hit the target area. try to stay around 12 to 15 reps on these for about 4 to 5 sets. remember to pause at the top for a second or two.

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