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Lee Priest Diet Plan

Posted by: Scorpion

This is an email I received from Lee and Cathy Priest I thought I would share I had asked them about a good diet plan I'm a big fan of Lee so I hope this helps anyone who is interested.

Nutrition Plan

Need to eat protein 6 time a day every 3 hour

Protein: Lean Steak, Chicken Breast, Fish, Tuna, Turkey, Eggs, Whey Protein,

Carbs: Rice, Cream of Rice, Potatoes, Pasta, Bread, Oatmeal,

Fruits: Banana, Apple, Orange, Cantaloupe,

Fat: Yogurt, Almond, Cheese, Ice Cream, Flax Oil, Milk,

Vegetable: Broccoli, Asparagus, Salad, and Green Bean

So you choose 6 meal 6 protein, and if you want to loose weight (fat) you eat only 2 carbs a day and 1 fruit and vegetable like you want and the only fat will be everything fat free or only Flax oil the best to loose fat. And do cardio 45-60 minutes a day before breakfast if you can.

If you want to gain weight you eat 6 meals 6 protein and you eat 3 carbs and 3 fat and 3 fruits and you can add some burger or subway or desert?and in the night around 3h00 you can have a protein shake again. No cardio only train and don?t over train it's good to have on off on off so every workout you will be ready to push hard.




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