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6 Meals A Day Consisting Of...

Posted by: Mike

They say it is better to eat 6 smaller meals a day instead of 3 big meals. Does anyone know what each meal should consist of? Is one or two servings of whey protein good enough to be considered one meal?

Re: 6 Meals A Day Consisting Of...

Posted by: G Dog

The whey is a good start but if you are trying to put on muscle you NEED cards and fats if your in a rush eat an apple and a hand full of nuts with the whey. If the whey has 30g of protein and a medium size apple has 23g of carbs and the nuts have10-12g of fat then you have a complete meal. You could go higher with the carbs if you are bulking. I would get a book that breaks down what foods are made of. Remember you need carbs/protein/and fats to grow.

Re: 6 Meals A Day Consisting Of...

Posted by: Chris

Eat! Eat! Eat! until your stomach hurts. Every three hours is a good gauge. If you're a slim guy with a high metabolism like me, then you shouldn't have to worry too much about what you eat. Don't go overboard with 12 Big Macs a day, but eat a lot. I basically shop for low carb, high protein, low fat food and foods rich in good fats (Omega 3s -- which can be found in Peanut Butters, Flax Seed, etc.) Skip anything with Transfats, which are evil. I start my day by preparing a healthy breakfast (eggs, some kind of low fat breakfast meat with carbs --toast or muffin) Three hours later I'll try and have a PB& J sandwich, or an apple and yogurt, then a high protein lunch (sandwich with your favorite meat, cheese, vegetables) You can add your protein shake between meals or even in the middle of the night. Before my workout, I try to eat a small meal or snack, a sandwich or some fruit and yogurt or jerkey of some sort. Have a hearty dinner then a snack before bed. It's not to hard to figure out, if you love to eat , but you will be eating a lot and rarely feel your stomach growl. Good luck. A great book is Men's Health's new book, the Book of Muscle, which has some great information about calorie intake and meal suggestions. Check it out!

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