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40 Minute Workout

Posted by: Simon H

The only time I have to go to a gym is at lunch time at work. I get about 40 minutes a day, 5 days a week to work out. I want to start a weight gain programme but I am unsure how to set my programme for such a short workout. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Re: 40 Minute Workout

Posted by: RD

you can get it done..you'll have to hit one major bodypart a day .like monday do your chest and go: power bench 10,8,6,4,
d/b incline fly 3x8 w/60 sec rest
see what i'm saying...figure what days you want to do what. maybe
mon-chest,tue-back,wed-squats,thu-arms,fri-abs,calves,you know something like that,maybe somedays you can stick shoulders with chest,or calves with squats....you can even super set sometimes..it can be done though.3 of us train together in about an hour.we keep talking to a minimum,rests are short,music is blasting.we do it and two of us powerlift...let me know if that helps.....

Re: 40 Minute Workout

Posted by: Randy

You should only be training for under 45 minutes per day. Any more is counter productive! Each body part should be done once per week with a focus on perfect form and intensity. Stick to the basics. No funky stuff. Go in, hit it hard and go home and eat!!!!

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