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What Age To Start Bodybuilding

Posted by: josh

Hey every one i was wondering if 15 is to young 2 start bodybuilding.I'v been lifting waights 4 a year ive made some good gains. All i used is free waights at home. My max bench press is 420lbs idk if thats good or not but i would also like 2 know if any1 knows a way i can develope my chest and abs at home with free waights it would be really helpfull. thanx josh

Re: What Age To Start Bodybuilding

Posted by: jeff

hey dude um yea if u are 15 and ur max bench is 420 thats amzing! lol some pro body builders who have been using steroids for years bench that much in reps of 6 to 8 good job man i dont know and one that age who is that strong! and as of the age thing it shouldent be a problem. atleast u are staying active.

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