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Bodybuilding For Over 35 Men

Posted by: BC

I was sucessful at competing until I quit competing in 2001. I have that compete feeling going now and want to compete again one more season. I am now 38 and find things are not like they used to be as far as building new size. I never gave up my workouts only competing. Does anyone have good advice for a 38 year old?

Re: Bodybuilding For Over 35 Men

Posted by: Kevin

Never give up! Tweak the diet and train smarter not harder. Keep the workouts shorter. Use aerobics to help you recover faster.

Re: Bodybuilding For Over 35 Men

Posted by: jeff

i have good advice for you i think you should try Get Lean Quick if you want to get that ripped look. It works very well! also vitamins! ther always a must but i think you prob knew that other then that its all about how much you want it! thers no new tricks realy its all the same work your ass off all year eat food that makes you want to barf but in the end its all worth it! lol any ways i hope i helped peace

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