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Diabetic Muscle Building

Posted by: Paul (dudenate@angelfire.com)

Ok, hereís my dilemma, Iím 17 yrs. old 5í7 and weigh 150. I have diabetes, and I canít always eat right because of this, (such as protein bars, supplements). I started lifting at the beginning of last summer, and Iíve had awesome gains (for me). I weighed 125 then, and had absolutely no muscle. I started lifting because I was sick of everyone calling me a ďshrimp.Ē Now people call me ďbuffĒ and it feels great. I work out every other day, training just about everything, and I run on the days I donít lift. I never miss a workout, and Iím always searching for new things to try. Up until a couple of months ago, Iíve been gaining muscle steadily, but now its lagging severely, I havenít changed anything Iíve been doing does anyone have any information to help me that wonít interfere with my diabetes? Thank you in advance.

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