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Protein Supplements

Posted by: Shilo Roberts (Meshackonnis33@hotmail.com)

I'm nineteen 5'9' and a whopping 150lbs. I've been lifting religously for about six months and I have increased my bench from 155 to 210. Here's the catch. I went into the Gym slim and cut at 156 lbs. because I am a serious long distance runner after six months my weight dropped 6 lbs. and my bench increased 55 lbs. I've noticed incredible results in my physique; a larger chest, great bicepts, and a newly defined six pack but I'm missing the weight. I've stopped running to try and gain before I go to the Army June 14th but it doesnt seem to be working. I eat everything in site all day long and still no progress. I'd really like to try a protien supplement to help bulk up, what should I take. What is resonable price wise but still gives results to a relentless lifter?

Re: Protein Supplements

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