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Bigger Arms

Posted by: pat insaneclownposse72069@yahoo.com)

hey im 18 and i have been working out for 3 years now and i really need to improve my arm size right now they are almost 16in and i have tried many new and different works for them but they will not grow can you help me thanks

Re: Bigger Arms

Posted by: Nick soulnickut@Hotmail.com)

Hey I'm stuck in the same situation you are, i'm 18 my arms are just under 16 inches. Ive been doing a lot of research on this because its been pissing me off, the main thing we need to focus on is 1. not doing to much to try and get bigger, leading to over training 2. eating a bunch of good protein, i started eating about 8 meals a day and in the past 5 months I've put on about 35 lbs, 3. like a said before don't do tons of exercises for the arms, I've just started doing 3 sets heavy barbell curls, 3 sets incline curl, and for tris 3x overhead extension and 2 sets push downs.

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