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Weight Lifting Reps Chart

Posted by: Everett Gauthier(evgauthier@hotmail.com)

HI: I am a 59 year old who plays oldtimers hockey 4 times a week and have bought a set of weights,which include- a bar,4-10lb weights-2 5lb weights and 1 -20 lb weight to work your arm and wrist! I also have a bullworker which I use! My question is- With these new weights,how many reps. should I do to start and how much weight should I put on the bar to start?I am not a member of a gym or have not worked out with weights like this before! Thanks!

Re: Weight Lifting Reps Chart

Posted by: Ranvir(rambo_rai@hotmail.co.uk)

hi this is my general rule of thumb:
1 - 5 reps = strength
6 - 12 reps = mass
15+ reps = endurance

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