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Bench Press Not Working Chest

Posted by: jeremy (jeremy8986@yahoo.com)

Im a 15 year old male and have been doing a lot of benchpress work, lately it seems like when i bench it hardly works my chest and really works my tris and shoulders, ive tried narrowing and widening my grip, it didnt work, it didnt always do this it just started happening recently. any suggestions, thanks

Re: Bench Press Not Working Chest

Posted by: Mark Jackson (Nobleronin4@aol.com)

I know what you mean. I bench pressed for years and can honestly say that I never really felt like my chest was being worked. Try taking 40% off of your max one rep bench, then do 12 reps with 4 second positive (raising) and 4 second negative (lowering) reps. When you can successufully do this exercise immediately go to dumbell flyes with about 20 lbs in each arm and crank out about 10-15 reps with the same 4 seconds up and down. This should inflate that chest! You should only be able to do one set.

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