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How To Get Brutally Huge

Posted by: Fred

I was looking in an old muscle magazine and this guy Bill Davis was selling a course called "How To Get Brutally Huge", he claims to have built 22 inch arms, a 55 inch chest and 30 inch thighs without steroids.

It has a picture of him wearing mirrored sunglasses doing a most muscular pose, and he is huge, not ripped but he was a very big dude. Anyway does anyone know where I can get this course, or if it is still available after all these years. Did anyone ever try it? Did it really work?

Re: How To Get Brutally Huge

Posted by: Paul

Yeah, I remember that ad also, that guy was pretty bulky!

I read the course it was good, as I remember is was very similar to what Mike Mentzer was recommending back in the 1970's about 2 sets per exercise and no more then 2 to 3 exercises per bodypart. With each bodypart worked about twice a week. I have done this type of workout and got great results, much better then the type of training Mentzer recommended later. i.e 1 set to failure per exercise, and each bodypart worked about once every 2 weeks. That extreme seems to have worked for some people, but for me it only produced strength gain but not size, while the 1970's style produced both strength and size gains.

Re: How To Get Brutally Huge

Posted by: William Davis

The original Brutally Huge books are available once again from Lulu.com, Amazon.Com, BarnesandNoble.com. You can Reach Bill Davis on Facebook and at www.brutallyhuge.com. All books are beautiful, glossy covered, professionally published and printed. These are not some cheap photocopies. Do not accept any forgeries, or other individuals illegal selling books that are legally copyrighted. Please go to BrutallyHuge.com or Facebook and search BrutallyHuge Bill Davis for more.

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