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Pain When Squatting

Posted by: Ben Gambrel ( Bgambrel@chicago.avenew.com)

I have been lifting religiously for about 6 weeks (6 days a week) am doing a chest/back/shoulder then legs/bi's/tri's rotation. I do squats every 4 days. I always squat heavy 4 sets of 6 reps. Lately (in the last 2-3 weeks) I have been getting some very painful hip flexors when I squat. They are fine before and soon after but during they hurt pretty bad, bad enough that I couldn't finish today. I have tried running for 10 minutes then stretching good. I do a light set at 135. My first set at 265 hurt. I could lift it allright but my hip flexors were in extreme pain. I REALLY want to be able to continue squatting, but without some relief I don't think I will be able to. I could use any suggestions! Thanks a bunch!

Re: Pain When Squatting

Posted by: George Skokan ( fjz@metro-dade.com)

I know it's boring, but have you tried higher rep squatting? if your 6 reps at 265 lbs is painful, what will 20 reps at 180 or 200 lbs. do? They might help strengthen the painful area, or they might also give you a better chance at diagnosing what is causing the problem. Another possibility is that it is a joint pain. I thought I had a chronic quad defect in my right thigh, and it turned out to be radiated pain from arthritis in the hip. Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates improved my condition, and the thigh pain has disappeared.

Re: Pain When Squatting

Posted by: George Skokan ( fjz@metro-dade.com)

Another idea: I have been reading that some powerlifters work out using a sub-max weight for sets of two reps. Does the 265 hurt on the very first rep? Apparently the two-rep sets allow development of solid support while maintaining good, strict form. I hear about 10 sets of 2 reps. Does the pain occur in regular deadlifts or leg presses? (for diagnostic purposes and development of a logical solution)

Re: Pain When Squatting

Posted by: Brian Combs ( combs@brian.com)

Try not doing squats so often. Once a week should be plenty.

It sounds like you might be over-working the joints.

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