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Can't Do Push Ups

Posted by: C R ( ryanca@boat.bt.com)

I am a 25 year old 140lb female who has been lifting for about 8 months. I'm pretty happy with the gains I've made except for my general upper body strength. I can't do decent push ups (except 'girlie' ones on my knees, I can do loads of them!). I'm working chest pretty hard at the moment and can feel the difference but I just can't do push-ups! Any advice please? Am I being impatient or is it that girls just can't do pushups?

Re: Can't Do Push Ups

Posted by: D NOVA ( NOVAD@JID.COM)

I've been in the Army for 10 years now and can do many push ups (best max was 120 in two minutes at strict from) Im a 30 year old male and weight training has definately helped me out. I have helped females strugling to pass a PT test in the past and what Ive had them do is the following: When doing pushups, there are 3 body parts being trained, besides the chest you are using your shoulders and tricepts. You should train these body parts with many repetitions and , when doing pushups, vary the distance between your hands. My final advice is to do pushups frequelntly during the day. The reason I say this is because during basic training, this is what our drill sergeants have the trainees do constantly, pushups, pushups and more pushups. Eventually everyones max goes up. Good luck.

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