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Steroids Are For Losers

Posted by: Fig

I just got to vent! I am sick of all the damn steroid/bodybuilding pages out there! If you got to use them, you don't know how to train! I put on 130#s in 8 years. I would like to hear from a steroid freak, who can top that! The only way to train is natural. If you use roids, you are not training, you are just taking drugs. The drugs do the work, not you. Just because you get big, doesn't mean you know how to train! If you like having your skull grow to the point that, you get a space between your front teeth, then fine. I can stop training for six months and still be huge, roiders can't! I am not trying to flame anyone, I just surfed for two hours and found many steroid info sites. Steroids have hurt 3 of my friends (liver damage, heart murmmer...). It makes me sick! I weigh in at 270#, bench 500#, 20" arms, waist 35" e.t.c. (all natural). You don't need that crap! It takes time. Pro bodybuilders who roid are not role models. They should be locked up! just like any other drug user. If you respond to this message and want to flame me, because you use them, then that's okay. Because in ten years when we both decide to get a check up from the doctor, I know I don't have any side effects from those damn drugs. But, you will! Thanks, Fig

Re: Steroids Are Cheating

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