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One Muscle A Day Workout Routine

Posted by: K.D. McLemore (kmac@cleaf.com)

In the muscle mags, some these guys and gals workout routines call for training a muscle group only one day a week.(i.e., Monday-Chest, Tuesday-Shoulders, Wednesday-Legs, Thursday-Back, Friday-Arms) Will this work? It seems if I tried this I would stay extremely sore all the time.

Re: One Muscle A Day Workout Routine

Posted by: Shell (rushlwms@!bu.edu) 11/1/97

In many of the mags they do tend to talk about training a muscle group once a week. But what they may not state is the fact that you can train more than one muscle group on any specific day but still only train that muscle group once a week. For example if you train chest and shoulders one day, Back and biceps on another day, etc. You still only train a specific muscle group once a week but there is much more time for rest because in stead of working out 5-6 days out of the week, you may only need to work 3 to 4 days out of the week because your combining muscle groups. This allows for more recuperation time.

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