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What Is The Best Way To Build Leg Muscles?

Posted by: Arthur Johann (zachman2@televar.com)

I am a 17 teen year old student with week thighs, I got into weight lifting at the age of 15 but I ended up liking working on my upperbody and hating to work lower body, as a result I had a fairly firm and muscular upper body while having reaaly weak legs, I am now trying to improve on my cardiovascular by running from one to two miles a day or at least 4 days a week. My thighs are fairly flabby and my running strength isn't that great so I would like to know how to build on my thighs front, back and inner.

Re: What Is The Best Way To Build Leg Muscles?

Posted by: Greg Leeper (gregleeper@hotmail.com)

The only way to gain good mass on your legs is squats. There is not way around it. You can do all the leg presses, hack squats, and leg extensions you want but if you want gain the most possible mass in the shortest amount of time, you have to do squats.

Re: What Is The Best Way To Build Leg Muscles?

Posted by: Brian Brocksmith ( bbrock@vin.wvc.net)

I have a routine that will either make you grow or make you crippled. Everyone always squats first. Do this Start with Seated Leg Curls do no mare than 3 sets, Then do 2 sets of Leg extentions, Then squat for 2-3 sets last but make sure you go deep and heavy no half reps. Do all sets to failure. Do this workout once a week. Stay faithfull and watch the gains roll in. I can do 495 x 6 after leg curls and extentions and I am drug free so I think most people should be able to work up to 315 for 6.

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