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(ABCDE Program)
Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet & Exercise

Posted by: Spencer (smiths92@uwosh.edu)

I was wondering if anyone has gone through a cycle of the Anabolic Burst Cycling Diet described in Muscle Media magazine. I am currently in the first week and wanted to see what kind of results others have gotten from the program.

Re: Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet & Exercise (ABCDE Program)

Posted by: Eric Adolph (deadlift96@aol.com)

Most of the people that I have heard say that while they gain about 5-10 during the bulk phase, they loose MORE than it during the extreme cutting phase. You may want to make the cutting phase to include more claories (like a normal days meal).

Re: Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet & Exercise (ABCDE Program)

Posted by: A.J. van der Avort

Im now in my second diet phase and in 10 days Im going trough my second bulking phase. This program is relatively easy to follow and will prime your body to perform on his best (especially during the bulking phase). I honestly can say that this first cycle of four weeks was a try-out and Im very sure that the second will be a lot more productive. Here are my results:

Diet-phase : from 77,5 kg to 75,5 kg thats minus 2 kg
Bulking phase: from 75,5 kg to 79,4 kg thats plus 3,9 kg
Total : 79,4 - 77,5 = 1,9 kg gained in 4 weeks

As I already mentioned : I have a positive feeling towards the next cycle. A note: I have used a 5 day loading phase with creatine mixed with a lot of suger
I have used glutamine not extensively
I did not use HMB since it doesnt fit into my budget
I did use CLA, flax seed oil,lecitine granulat
I did use ion-exchanged whey during diet-phase
I did use caffene, ephedra and aspirin
I did not do cardio

This next cycle Im going to use HMB and do the cardio and use the glutamine extensively (10 grams a day during the diet-phase). I have merely followed the system and made fairly good gains on it. Ive learned a lot and will continue the system for as long as it works. The thing I liked most is the the variety it offers; its a fun proces.

Re: Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet & Exercise (ABCDE Program)

Posted by: Kevin Redling (Kevin.G.Redling@widener.edu)

I tried it twice, the first time I didn't diet strict and the eating phase simply worked pretty good. The second time I tried it Idieted very strict and when I started eating I blew up like I was on steriods in a matter of days. Truly worth giving it a try.

Re: Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet & Exercise (ABCDE Program)

Posted by: Shaun Reilly (smreilly@bu.edu)

I have used the ABCDE system for about a month now. I'm just stating my 2nd Dieting phase. I have grown about 5 pounds more then my original weight. I lost about 4 on my first diet, so I gained about 9 on my bulking phase. I really haven't gotten much fatter and I am feeling really tight and hard. I think that it is working really well for me. I also use Creatine, Vandyl Sulfate, Vitamines and minerals, pluse Whey Protien after my workouts. If you read all the details of the program, as given in Muscle Media, it is a really good program. The 4 part superfeature is given in it's entirety at the Muscle Media web site. It's at www.mm2k.com/ Check it out!

Re: Anabolic Burst Cycling of Diet & Exercise (ABCDE Program)

Posted by: ROCCO (PAmaral69@AOL.com)

I tried the program and it worked great. Bear in mind I'm 39 years old and your body starts to change a lot at about my age. i gained about 7 pounds during the 1st bulk phase, and lost about 4 during the cut phase. Even while in the cut phase i was stronger than i had been before i started it. However , i think the 1500 calorie a day cut phase is a little extreme, especially if you are used to keeping your cardio way down. The cardio before breakfast, combined with the ephedrine/caffiene cocktail did the trick on my second cycle while only reducing my calories to about 1900 per day. i had more energy and stayed even stronger. i also kept the cardio shorter (about 20 minutes) at a higher intensity. The biggest blast is the recommended stretching!!! With all those bulk-phase carbs you blow up like a baloon! Use that pump and stretch every bodypart you're working! It brings out detail...and enables the muscle to grow...bigtime!!!

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