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How To Get Cut Up Fast

Posted by: Mike24 (black99gt@yahoo.com)

ok i am 5'5" 145, i look stakly for my height im not huge..but i do have a bit of build..especially upper body, i just want to be more CUT...can i workout EVERYDAY the same body part, say biceps/triceps..bench press..etc..and then get more CUT? is it ok for me to workout everyday without a rest, i workout now every second day but i do not want to get any bigger, any advice, appreciated, thank you.

Re: How To Get Cut Up Fast

Posted by: Kevin

First of all, there is no such thing as getting cut fast, muscle development is a process, even with the assistance of performance enhancing drugs. Your diet is more important to "getting cut" than your work out. If your diet is not conducive with building muscle, simply put, your not going to get cut. Your body grows and muscles develop when you rest, its not ok to workout every day, especially the same body parts.

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