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Big Chest Workout

Posted by: jeff

hey im 16 and have been working out for about 2 years i would say im big for my size but i have one problem it is my chest it is to small compaired to the rest of my body. i have tryed every thing i lift heavy i rest i have proper form i eat lot! of protine and im doing all the right excercies! for some reson my chest is laking though can somone tell me a trick or 2 that worked for them. i would like to get massive gains!

Re: Big Chest Workout

Posted by: RON

i STARTED LIFTING EXTREMELY HEAVY,TO THE POINT IT FELT LIKE MY ARMS WOULD GIVE OUT. I was 21 years old and could only bench 95 lbs. once being out of shape with a little chicken chest, I am now in the best shape ever. I now push up around 225 on bench and my chest has really gotten some size. Do the first set with weight you can do by yourself all the way through and then add 10-15lbs each set after that to where you will need help on the last 2-3. last set go all out and put on 25 extra per side. you probably will barely be able to do this once but shoot for 3 with help...

Re: Big Chest Workout

Posted by: Rich

Jeff, Being sixteen I would start with pullovers. This will bring size to your rib-cage! Your pec will come with bench, flys, etc. Lay down face up prone on a flat bench with your head an inch or three over one end and with a e-z curl bar pull the bar up just pass your head to your chest and back to the floor. Make sure you exhale deep when pulling and inhale when lowering the bar. Also we use to do are triceps when we stop at the chest and push the bar up!

Re: Big Chest Workout

Posted by: Kevin

Hi Jeff, If you want size, you need to think hypertrophy instead of strength. Doing sets of 10 to 12 reps of flat benches or dumbbell bench presses. On your heavier days try doing sets of 6 to 8 reps. The pectoral (chest) muscles are generally a fast-twitch muscle which means it will respond to more explosive movements, especially on the concentric movement (off your chest to your arms are fully extended). Be sure to use a full ROM (range of motion) to stimulate all the pectoral muscles for the presses. This will also help stretch and enlarge the ribcage. Donít bounce the bar off your chest, use control throughout the bench press movement.

Re: Big Chest Workout

Posted by: Alex Folino

I to (im 17 now) was once relatively weak in strength and everything seemed to be big but chest out of proportion. What i did was expand my ribcage, switch my chest workouts 2 to days a week, and just hit it hard with flat bench press, incline, decline, dumbbell flys, crossovers, and doing pushups in the end. Your chest will come with time, nutrition, sleep, and patience. Good Luck!

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