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How To Gain Lean Muscle

Posted by: cajun redhead

I would like to lose the fat and gain lean muscle. I eat lean meals and everyhing that is healthy for me. I do see an improvement. I would like to see faster results.

Re: How To Gain Lean Muscle

Posted by: SlickSquirl21

You say you would like to lose fat and gain leam muscle. The first thing you have to do is eat well, small meals with a balanced protein to carb ratio...That will only get you so far. On top of that you should be working out your whole body regularly. And, if you are doing that as well, then the next step would be to add some cardio maybe 30 minutes 3-5 times per week. That should get you there. Remember, nothing happens overnight, but if you keep to it, you should see results after a couple of months. Keep track of everything, calories, bodyweight, etc...

Re: How To Gain Lean Muscle

Posted by: Roger

I agree with the response. I have utilize the low carb and high protient diet for 2 years and have gain tremendous lean muscle at 210 lbs 5 11 50 chest, 19 bicepts 32 waist. Please continue to do the cardio, walking tred mill etc. as well as some fat burners its works.

Re: How To Gain Lean Muscle

Posted by: Phill

I am also trying to loose a bit of excess body fat, and eat 5 small meals a day, low carb in general and take a whey protein shake daily. I want to loose some excess body fat and am there fore trowhing about 30 mins of cardio in with every workout. I have been told that this is counter productive to muscle growth. How true is this. I also work out 6 days a week, and pretty much hammer each body part in turn, so only excercise a set of muscles once a week. Is this the best thing to be doing to maximise muscle growth.

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