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How To Get Energy For Workout

Posted by: Da Vinci

I eat a well balanced diet and probably about six meals a day and snacks in between. I have a very high metabolism and do not put on weight easy so i eat to compensate for it. Anyways, I find when i go to the gym no matter how much i eat, sleep and take days off i do not have enough energy to finish my workout. Is there any foods or drinks that i can intake before a workout to give me that extra boost (not including drugs or red bull, something natural).

Re: How To Get Energy For Workout

Posted by: Brad

Try a meal of fruit half an hour before your workout. Also feel free to eat bananas during your workout. It's natural, it works and you will benefit from the natural energy. I used to have the same problem but I now eat up to 50% of my diet as fruit. Give it a try it really works.

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