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The 100 Rep Challenge

Posted by: Jack

I've found that "training program" on the Brooks Kubik's site and i've been wondering if anyone of you used it, and if so, what was the results, was there any increase in strength, it seems rather endurance type of training but maybe i'm wrong how did you feel during and after i would be grateful for any tips about it thank you

Re: The 100 Rep Challenge

Posted by: mitchell

i have not tryed it up it will be a waste of time! any thing over 12 reps u will not put on any size. 1-5 is mostly strength and some size. 6-12 is for size. and any thing over 12 wont make u grow.

Re: The 100 Rep Challenge

Posted by: Paul

From what I have heard after you do 100 rep workouts for a while and you go back to your regular 6 to 12 reps, you grow faster then you did before.

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