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Free Stretching Advice

Posted by: Mary

Whenever I try stretching i can never get "a good stretch"..It never feels good it instead feels painful-not as in good pain but bad pain and doesnt seem to work. Do you have any advice for me please? Thank you

Re: Free Stretching Advice

Posted by: Joe

This is the correct way to stretch:

"Stretch until you feel a slight mild tension and hold for 5–10 seconds. Relax. As you hold the stretch, the feeling of tension should diminish. If it doesn’t, ease off slightly into a more comfortable stretch. This easy stretch maintains flexibility, loosens muscles and tight tendons, and reduces muscle tension.

Now, move a fraction of an inch farther into the stretch until you feel mild tension again. Hold for 5 to 10 seconds. Again, the feeling should diminish or stay the same. If the tension increases or becomes painful, you are overstretching — back off into a more comfortable stretch. This developmental stretch further reduces tension and increases flexibility."

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