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Leg Extensions Workout

Posted by: Brendan (irene.davies@optusnet.com.au

Hi. I have a barbell Squat and a HEAVY (420lbs) leg extentions machine at home. The thing is I have no squat rack, so its hard to go heavy. Can I build big powerful quads with heavy leg extentions and lighter squats?

Re: Leg Extensions Workout

Posted by: Mike (mvasquez830@yahoo.com

No you must do heavy squats ranging from heavy 4 reps to light 12 reps by doing so you will hit a multiple of muscle fibers, also by doing different squat stances by changing your feet you will develop overall mass around your thigh and not just be quadricep heavy and have leg inbalance. you must also incorporate deadlifts. the deadlift and squat are core excercises that develop overall mass. the leg extention machine is more of a shaping exercise not really a mass developer.

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