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Daily Weight Lifting

Posted by: alexander (lelegor@gmail.com)

i workout each muscle group every day. The order i do it is like this chest,back,shoulders,arms,legs then i repeat the cycle. I do 5 exercises, 5 sets for each exercise, with 7-8 reps in each set for each muscle group. I am going to do this for 6-7 months with out cardio jus weightlifting. Then after that for 3-4 months i am going to do the cardio and higher reps to get the cuts. Is this a good method to use?

Re: Daily Weight Lifting

Posted by: Steven (sptrans04@hotmail.com)

This is not a very good idea. Your muscles need time to rest and recover. Ideally you should only work each muscle group once a week, but if you were to do one muscle group early in the week and felt plenty rested and not sore, then you should be ok for doing it again. Try and stick to a workout plan for about a month and then change it up. As far as the cardio. I personally found the best results when I lifted and then did cardio after the workout, but try to incorporate it into your week.

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