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How To Get Rid Of Flabby Pecs

Posted by: john (jazz@hotmail.com)

I have been working out for about five years and am in pretty good shape but my pecs are still kind of flabby. For chest exs I do flat bench, incline, decline, and butterfly machine. Any ideas?

Re: How To Get Rid Of Flabby Pecs

Posted by: Adro (supersupplements123@gmail.com)

If you are workouting heaps and know what chest exercises to do and you see that you just can't get rid of the flab in the pecs, this is the excess subcutaneous fat that is flabbing around. While still maintaining a hard challenging workout routine, I suggest that you need a super strength diuretic supplement that helps you lose the excess water bodyfat in your muscles. Not only you will lose this excess water fat from your pecs, your body will look more toned, ripped, and vascular... Visit the site below for more information about shredding and toning supplements that will get you ripped and lose that excess water subcutaneoud fat in your muscles. This also applies to love handles as well.

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