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Weight Gain For Underweight

Posted by: Justin John (mankind20in@gmail.com)

I have never been more than 50 kgs my whole life. I was born underweight. I am 25 years old. Weighing 45 kgs. I am 5 feet 8 inches tall. I have tried workouts. But it has not worked out for me. I have had a dislocated shoulder and I have had a ligament fracture in my knee. My longest wish is to increase my weight. It has never been fulfilled. Can anyone help me?

Re: Weight Gain For Underweight

Posted by: Pancho (soypanchoyque@hotmail.com)

1.- You need to train every muscle group twice every 5 days, I mean training tree times a week, in two big groups. Upper and lower, for instance, you train upper body on monday, lower body on wednesday, upper on friday, lower next monday, and so on.

2.- Make a moderate warming (2 X 20) with ligth weight, then 1X12 50% max weight, 1X8 75% max Weight, 1X2 90% max weight, THEN: 6 reps MAX WEIGHT (I mean, the weight you can lift only 6 times, so you can not make 7th repetition), wait 15 seconds, Make 3 reps more, wait 15 seconds again and try 1-3 reps more... You OUGTH to reach muscle fail... All for that muscle until next training, no more... (you save calories and save your muscle of starving itself)...

3.- You need to increase your calories intake: 3000 Kcals in training days: IMPORTANT: 750 Kcals 1:30 -2:00 hours before training, 750 Kcals AGAIN 25-35 minutes after training, the rest (1500 kcals) along the rest of the day. In Days when you do not make training, 2500 Kcals.

4.- You need to add weigth every time you train same muscle group, IMPORTANT: add weigth, no more reps... Your body will be adding 1-1.5 lbs every week (don't care about fat increase, I'll tell you how to get rid of that on february 2007...), when you notice you can't add 1 lb every week, increase 500 kcal (3500 on training days and 3000 on no training days), remember to train until muscle fail, so you can be building muscle every single week, you can chek your weight every sunday morning.

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