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How To Strengthen Weaker Arm

Posted by: Ikaika (Ikaikascott@yahoo.com)

The last time that I seriously worked out for an extended period was during the three years when I was 18-21. I enjoyed my workouts and didn't have any problems really. Now I'm 27, and I want to start lifting again. About a month ago, I joined a gym and started hitting the free weights. I found that I could do about two sets of bicep curls with a 30 Lb. dumbell with my right arm. When I tried it with my left arm, however, I simply couldn't lift it. I thought this was just because I am right handed, and my right arm is naturally stronger as a result. I kept trying lower weights, until I found that my left arm could only really do a full set with a 15 Lb. dumbell. When trying the second set of 10 reps, I couldn't even lift that. When trying to lift with my left bicep, I don't feel tired really, it doesn't hurt, and there isn't really much burn. My arm just sort of gives up on its own. It refuses to keep moving. I have been curling 10 and 15 Lb. weights with my left arm twice a week for the past month now, and I am not seeing much improvement. Can this really be attributed to the fact that I'm right handed? Granted I'm just an average guy with little to no knowlege of the science behind weight training, but the fact that my left arm cannot even lift half of what my right arm can does not seem right to me. I know that I did not have this problem when I started lifting when I was 18. Any advice?

Re: How To Strengthen Weaker Arm

Posted by: randall (dreambigusa@msn.com)

Bear in mind that there are alot of muscles used in a simple bicep curl. There's alot of stabilizer muscles that come into play, and these are usually a weak point. You might want to give a barbell preacher curl and other barbell exercises a try for awhile. You'll have your right arm there to help out your left, and since your body is designed to keep symmetry (except in extreme cases) your left should come along nicely after a period of training. Of course, it helps if you consult a trainer, and he or she is sure to have some other ideas on this.

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