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Football Biceps

Posted by: Andy (andkiel@aol.com)

I want to play football for my school next year in spetember, and I want to make my biceps bigger than what they currently are. Can someone tell me an excersize or routine I can use that will be effective and fast. I want something that will make me hurt the next day, because then I will know that its truly working and that will make me stick with it and not give up

Re: Football Biceps

Posted by: dale (dalepoole@yahoo.com)

I know you want big biceps for football, your coach would prob like you to work on your legs. when you hit someone on the feild you use your legs for power not your arms. I didn't play on the team but i worked out with them in the gym and on the field and knowbody could put me down head-on. i worked on regular and weighted sit-ups, deadlift, squats, and leg press, but only with a couple spoters. when i graduated i could leg press 1195 lbs. for 2 reps. talk to the coach about it. He should know what your weakness are and can help you with them.

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