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Getting Six Pac Abs

Posted by: ahsan (ahsanwuzhere@yahoo.com)

look ill be honest and tell you. im a teenager and want a six pac. im not too fat my waist is only twenty six. a question would be is does weight matter on losing fat and getting a six pac. please help me im desperate and really wan ta six pac. im prepared to do any workout or diet. ps. would getting a six apc affect my height casue im still growing?

Re: Getting Six Pac Abs

Posted by: Ranvir(rambo_rai@hotmail.co.uk)

lol if ur waist 26 then u must have low body fat neway. all u need to is probs about 15mins 4 days a week, target all the abs, upper lower and obliques. and im sure you'll see a difference under a month. nah it wont affect ur height as it hasn't affected mine.

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