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Help Gaining Muscle

Posted by: bLING (alboblood4life@netscape.net)

Hi I am 5/9 and 17 yrs old I was wondering what can I do to get nice flat chest Ill do anything I do pushups dosent seem to work if any of u can help me I will appreciate it. and I need like a routine that would work.

Re: Help Gaining Muscle

Posted by: don (pauladonp@msn.com)

You should stick to compound movements like squats bench presses,chinups,and deadlifts.Try to add more calories to your diet and do lower rep sets with a heavier weight. Try working each muscle group once a week. Then try working each muscle group twice a week, one heavy day and one light. See what works for you. Also get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Don't smoke or drink. good luck.

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