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Benching Over 200

Posted by: Larry (Farjob01@prodigy.net)

Please help me out. I am 15 yrs old, weigh 275 and i am 6'4. I am pretty strong all around, except for benching. I can only do 185 pounds tops. My best buddy Jon is also 15 weighs 172, is 5'7 and can bench 220! For some weird reason, nothin seams to help me. No matter how much I bench and eat protein, I just can't get up to 200, not too mention my goal of 350 in six months. Do supplements work? Does anything work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanx

Re: Benching Over 200

Posted by: konzjee (konzjee@yahoo.com)

A lot of people forget that benching is more than just pecs. It also includes triceps and delts. When you compare the size of your tri's to the size of your pecs you'll know which bodypart will reach failure first: tri's. Therefore focus on your tri's, doing exercises that stress the long head, such as lying barbell extension and narrow-grip bench press. Doing this you'll also lift some more weight on those military presses too...

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