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How Long To Get A Six Pack Stomach

Posted by: Jimmy (Jim.y2k5@hotmail.com)

ive been working out for almot 3 weeks now, and i do almost 300 sit ups each night, how long do you think it will take for me to gain a 6 pac?

Re: How Long To Get A Six Pack Stomach

Posted by: Chris (MiztaCuppa@comcast.net)

Most of it depends on what your body fat percentage was to begin with, but there are two important things to consider for abs: Proper form and Diet. You didn't say what your diet is like, but if you are on a fat loss plan then the only other thing is form. You said you were doing "sit-ups" and you could have meant crunches but if you are truly doing sit-ups then stop. Crunches are the way to go. Make sure you only lift far enough to get your shoulders a few inches from the ground, otherwise you are shifting the weight load to your hip flexors and not working your abs as much. Also, concentrate on the form. Don't go too fast, hold for a second when you contract the muscle and lower yourself more slowly then you contracted. Arching your back a little at the rest position helps to lengthen the contraction and provide a really nice workout. Lots of cardio to lower body fat is essential. Keep it up and you'll be ripped!

Re: How Long To Get A Six Pack Stomach

Posted by: secret (notavailable@yahoo.com)

We all have abs and a six pack. They are just hidden under our fat. So if your stomach is fat or alittle fat..you need to work off that fat so your six pack shows.Keep on doing the sit ups if you like. I prefer crunches! And it is best to do aerobic exercise in the morning on an empty stomach for half an hour and drink plenty of water. Make sure you cut your carbs and eat more protein and lean meats. No junk food period! Hope this helps.

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