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How To Make A Good Workout Routine

Posted by: Max Lester(max@hotmail.com)

Hi. Im Max, I am 16, I am 6'1, and I weigh 225. I have been working out religiously for about a month now. I have recently started taking Hydroxycut, and dieting. My routine is 5 days a week, Chest, and Legs on Monday, Tri's and Shoulders on Tuesday, Biceps and Back on Wednesday, and Then start over again. Is this a good routine to go on?

Re: How To Make A Good Workout Routine

Posted by: Chris(Magna2001@aol.comm)

Hey, I am close to your size and I have been lifting for about 4 months now. What I have learned and have been told by most people is rest is the most important thing. If I were you I wouldnt lift 5 days a week. I would cut back to 3. workout on mon, wed, and friday, and if you are trying to cut back and loose fat do some cardio work on the inbetween days. I do back and lats on monday, cardio tuesday, shoulder and tri wed, cardio and abs thursday, chest and biceps on friday, and depending on how I feel a little bit of cardio on saturday and sunday is a complete rest day. From my 4 months of lifting I have lost no weight at all. I have been dead set at about 225lb since I started, but I have lost inches off my stomach and gained inches on my arms and chest. Also change up your routine every now and then. your body adapts to the same thing over and over again and you will have less gains. it doesnt have to be a huge change but just a little to target different areas of the muscle. move your grip when benching in a nd out a little bet every couple times you lift. and try doing some pyramids where you start ou with low weight in high reps. like something you can do a set of 15, then your next set something you can do 10 times, then 5, then back up to 10 or 15. you will notice great gains if you stick with it.

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