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Weight Lifting Back Injury

Posted by: Justin S.

My question involves an injury I recently suffered while doing overhead dumbbell press exercises. First I would like to explain that when this injury happened I was working out at home sitting upright on a flat bench with no back support as a opposed to the seat normally used in the gym.. I was going for sets of 15 when just shy of a full set ( at about 12th rep ) a sharp pain hit the upper right center of my back. I took a week to rest what felt like a pulled muscle & felt new again until I did standing side lat raises and felt the same pain hit the same area again. I took an additional week to repair myself before lifting again but during this rest period I had minor to considerably painful back pain in the upper right center of my back.. Once this 2nd injury/rest period ended I felt normal again so I decided Iíd stop messing around at home & use the safer more suitable gym machines & benches but once again I got ahead of myself & after saying Iíd play it safe I decided to do bent over rows, bad decision I guess. I didnít immediately feel pain until late afternoon of the following day but it was severe with stinging and burning. That was 6 days ago. It hurts to tilt my neck although my neck doesnít have any pain I just feel it in my back. I also tried doing different stretches & isometric stretches in order to slightly stimulate the injured area but its seems to have only make the pain worse & spread it to the left upper center of my back as well. These injuries are slowing my gains & while Iím anxious to workout, Iím torn between doing whatís right & trying to maximize making gains for the summer. Iíve invested a lot of time & money in my program & hate to see all of my sacrifice fall short because of these bad lifting mistakes, besides it doesnít seem to be getting better this time. Do you have an idea of what muscle I couldíve damaged? If so how to treat it or a similar situation youíve helped before. Iíve used heat treatments without success & my bed doesnít help by any means. Could I get away with doing exercises that donít put pressure on my back?, Bicep curls, Leg curls, Leg extensions, Tricep extensions? Or am I condemned to rest?

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