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Muscle Memory

Posted by: Barry

I have a question about muscles that I haven't used in a while.

Background so you can get an idea of what has happened...

At the ages of 15 - 18 I weighed 72 kg / 158 lbs and was 6 feet tall. my vertical leap was around 36 inches because I could reach up to 10' 6", I never did anything special for it okay, some of might be genetic, some of might be because of all the high jump, long jump, running and soccer I used to do as a kid. I was playing basketball and volleyball over that time.

My question is, I can never get back to that weight again, but am trying to get at least down (yes at the moment I'm 240) to around 200 / 90 kg at if I try real hard get down to 85 kg / 187lbs, which was the best weight I've ever felt at.

Okay theres some background information, my question is, I've been a little less active than I used to be, but I am wondering, the muscle that I did use to get up to that height, is that still available to me, or would I have to retrain the muscle?

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